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Get the best price for your trade-in with Spinelli and BidXpert

Get the best price for your trade-in with Spinelli and BidXpert

A new and an improved tool to trade in your vehicle

When buying a new vehicle, most buyers will trade in their current vehicle and naturally, they hope to get the best price.

We know that the value of a trade-in vehicle will be slightly less than its market value. That said, giving the vehicle to the dealership has fiscal implications that will significantly reduce that margin, as well as many other advantages that come with not having to do all the extra legwork involved with selling a car yourself.

Better yet, when buying your next vehicle at a dealership within the Spinelli Group, we can get a better price for your trade-in thanks to our unique and patented BidXpert tool. BidXpert was designed to accelerate the trade in process, and maximize the value you receive for your current vehicle.

BidXpert brings wholesalers who are actively seeking pre-owned vehicles together. When you come in to one of our dealerships, a sales representative will note everything there is to know about your vehicle, as well as take pictures of its interior and exterior.

This information is then entered into BidXpert, and your vehicle becomes available to wholesalers. Each buyer can then bid on your vehicle and Spinelli will get a price for your vehicle quickly, usually within 15 minutes.

Get more biddings on your vehicle with BidXpert

Before BidXpert, sales representatives would contact wholesalers individually by phone and give a description of your vehicle. Now, wholesalers get much more detailed information about your trade in along with photos. That gives wholesalers a lot more confidence, a fact that is reflected in the final price. Moreover, you will get the added benefit of numerous wholesalers bidding for your vehicle.

The amount you receive for your current vehicle is guaranteed for 72 hours, giving you enough time to decide which new vehicle you want to purchase without worrying that your trade-in value will decrease because a buyer is no longer interested.

With BidXpert and Spinelli, you get more for your trade-in. Contact us today to learn more!

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