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The Spinelli Group proudly offers a wide range of products and services tailored for your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Visit your Spinelli dealer to take advantage of various financing solutions designed to suit your budget. Backed by major financial institutions and renowned financial partners, the Spinelli Group offers attractive credit solutions, and 2nd or even 3rd chance credit, as well as the most competitive financing terms.

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Accessories and Protection for Your Vehicle

Accessories and Protection for Your Vehicle

Electronic Rust Proofing

Single treatment and maintenance-free, the electronic rust-proofing system protects your vehicle against corrosion. This system is environmentally friendly, clean, and guaranteed for 10 years.*

Paint Sealant

Paint sealant protects and enhances the shine of your vehicle’s finish, as well as preventing fading and oxidation.

Leather and Fabric Guard

Leather and fabric guard protects your vehicle’s finish against fading, drying-out, cracking. It is also easy to maintain.

Stone Guard Film

Stone guard film protects the paint on the hood of your vehicle against chipping and peeling caused by stones and projectiles. It also reduces damage to finish caused by bugs.

Remote Starter

The remote starter allows you to start, confirm start (available), lock and unlock doors, as well as open the trunk. There is also an emergency call button.

Tinted Windows

Tinted windows protect you against up to 99% of UV rays, while also providing clearer vision without distortion, reducing glare from headlights, and protecting the interior of your vehicle. Available in a wide range of shades, tinted windows will make your vehicle look sportier as well as more luxurious and stylish.

Anti-Theft and Tracking System

The anti-theft and tracking system allows you to track and recover your vehicle in case of theft, while also providing you with 24/7 protection against theft in partnership with the police.

Anti Theft Marking

Anti-theft marking identifies the main parts of your vehicle and provides a deterrent to theft as well as the selling of stolen parts.

Insurance and Financial Services

Insurance and Financial Services

In case of theft or total loss of your vehicle, replacement insurance covers the difference between the depreciated value paid by the insurer and the cost of replacement or, as applicable, the balance payable on your vehicle.

  • For new vehicles: settlement based on current model year.
  • For used vehicles: the original selling price indexed 5% per year.

With up to 7 years of coverage, and depending on the options chosen, replacement insurance may include:

  • Refund of your deductibles on insurance claims
  • Charge for courtesy vehicle
  • The difference in cost between parts reimbursed under your policy by the insurer of the vehicle and the cost of repairs with original parts in case of accident
  • Eligible luxury vehicles
  • Premium set at the time of purchase of the vehicle, regardless of driving record and/or number of claims

More About Our Financial Services

  • Mechanical protection, which consists of a protection extension on manufacturer’s warranty, covering the cost of parts and labour, protection against unforeseen expenses, roadside assistance, coverage across North America, is transferable upon resale at no charge, value increases, as well as making resale easier.
  • Excessive wear program for leased vehicles, which protects against supplementary costs due at the end lease, such as damaged windshield, tires, etc., for which you are responsible.
  • Flexible payment terms, including monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly.
  • Choice of car loan insurance, including life insurance and disability insurance in case of serious illness to ensure monthly payments are made when you are prevented from fulfilling your obligations.
  • Payment in full of your loan in case of death.
  • Payment of monthly instalments in case of illness or accidents, depending on selected plan.
  • Protection of your credit rating.
  • Convalescence without financial worries.
  • Eligibility up to age 71 for life insurance and age 65 for disability insurance.
  • Available on new vehicles.*