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Electric, hybrid, plug-in or not ...

Electric, hybrid, plug-in or not ...
Nowadays electric vehicles are taking the limelight. Everyone is talking about them but some of us want to know more about these new technologies. Allow us to help you get a better understanding of these emerging technologies.

Beside gasoline engines, there are 3 types of motorization on the market:

Electric: which recharges at a charging station. This type of vehicle has an autonomy limited by the capacity of its battery.

Plug-in hybrids: equipped with an electric motor and a gasoline engine, the hybrids in this category can operate exclusively in electric mode and can also be powered by its gasoline engine. Even though their gasoline engine can recharge the battery, for it to reach full capacity, the vehicle must be plugged into a charging station.

Self-recharging hybrid: This type of vehicle has two sources of energy: a gasoline engine and one or more electric motors. In a fully hybrid electric system, all sources can power the car alone or in sync to ensure the best energy efficiency without compromising performance.

Driving a Lexus Rechargeable Hybrid: a real luxury.

A Lexus self-charging hybrid has a feature that will please more than one: the battery recharges while you drive. Which means you never need to plug your vehicle or be temporarily immobilized while charging your vehicle.

How does it work? While you're on the road, all the energy that is not used recharges the battery. The regenerative braking system also captures the energy normally lost during braking and uses it to recharge the battery. A Lexus self-charging hybrid vehicle uses fuel only when it really needs it.

Unlike other systems, the Lexus Hybrid System can only run on electric power at lower speeds, while other car manufacturers are generally equipped with much smaller electric motors that can only work in combination with a gasoline engine.

So if you want to do your share for the environment while being totally autonomous, the self-charging hybrid Lexus vehicles are excellent choices.

And, good news for urban explorers, Lexus now offers a smart-sized hybrid SUV that handles the road like no other, parks even in the tightest of spaces and uses very little gasoline.

Discover the 2019 Lexus UX 250h

Electric, hybrid, plug-in or not ...
Electric, hybrid, plug-in or not ...
Electric, hybrid, plug-in or not ...
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