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Discover the technologies in Lexus vehicles

Discover the technologies in Lexus vehicles
The various Lexus technological devices, offered on most models of the brand, will allow you to improve the quality of your travels like never before.

Lexus's automobile technology will not only spice up your commutes, but it will also make them safer! To find out more about this, go as soon as possible to Spinelli, your Lexus dealer in Montreal, not far from Laval and the South Shore! Whether you want to listen to your favourite music, get directions or help in the event of an accident, you can count on Lexus Enform and Safety Connect! While waiting for your visit, here are some of the features of Enform!

Destination Assistance

At a mere touch of a button, the Destination Assist system puts you in touch with an agent who can help you find a restaurant, a hotel or a tourist destination. It will then send you the route directly to your Scout GPS Link navigation system (up to 5 destinations). Do you want to change your itinerary unexpectedly? An Enform agent will always be there to answer you!

Weather and traffic

You will also be able to know the current weather conditions or in the days to come, on simple voice command from you. Similarly, you may be notified of traffic jams caused by various events, which will allow you to take an alternative route to arrive safely at your destination.

Safety Connect

Featuring a roadside assistance service, stolen vehicle tracking and emergency assistance, this system is also able to send emergency services if a collision occurs or if a deployment of airbags is detected.

App Suite 2.0

You will always be updated on the latest news with App Suite 2.0! This system gives you instant access to information as well as to the infotainment system, without having to keep your eyes off the road for a second.

Which models offer Enform?

Various 2018 and 2019 models offer Enform technology:

  • UX;
  • RC and RC-F;
  • LC and LCh;
  • LS and LSh;
  • ES and ESh;
  • NX and NXh.

To find out more about available Lexus technological devices, do not delay any longer and come meet us as of today at Spinelli Lexus in Montreal, near Laval and the South Shore!

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